Authentic Relating

These sessions are an invitation to take a step out of your busy life, connect more deeply with yourself and others, whilst accepting your full spectrum of humanness.  

Through various authentic relating games & exercises you will experience a whole different way of relating to yourself and others.  Authentic Relating evenings will give you an embodied experience of what it is like to be more you.  Revealing profound insights and deepening connections with the people around you. 

What you can expect...

  • The evening will consist of working in pairs, small groups and being part of the larger group, participating in exercises that help bring more awareness to your inner world, allowing you to make the implicit explicit.

  • These sessions will include fun, interactive exercises with depth.  You will learn some tools to take back into your workplace or personal life, to help you form stronger, more meaningful relationships. 


  • We will practice full body listening, learning to breath with what is.  Fully accepting and welcoming your present experience. 

  • We will learn to reveal more subtle experiences usually happening on a subconscious level.


  • We will learn how to communicate impact, taking ownership for our experience. 


  • We will use insights from our own experience to connect more deeply with others and expand our capacity for compassion for self and others.


Authentic Relating

Tuesday 22nd October

6.00pm - 8.30pm

Location TBC, Brighton