A curious willingness to reveal what is

To be authentic is to reveal our full spectrum of humanness.  In every interaction we have, we are experiencing sensations, emotions and thoughts that are only witnessed at the subconscious level.  To be authentic when relating to other humans is to bring awareness to those feelings and thoughts, revealing them both to yourself and others. Doing so can be transformational for you individually and your relationships. 

“You can only be as authentic as you are self aware” (Susan Campbell)

Deeply Human offers evenings of Authentic Relating and morning Yoga classes, giving you tools to feel more, connect on a deeper level and communicate effectively.  Whether you're a corporate manager, a mum or serving coffee to the masses, Authentic Relating is for you.





“There is no greater mystery than this,

that we keep seeking reality

though in fact we are reality.”

– Ramana Maharshi